Licensed and Registered Counselor (KB-11036, PA-10643)

Master of Professional Counseling (Monash University, Malaysia)
Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology (College of Allied Educators)
Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Hons) (Royal Holloway, University of London)


For the past 10 years I have been teaching children, teenagers and adults with learning difficulties. During this time, I came across many who also struggled with mental health issues and this has given me some experience in this field. As I noticed that it was becoming more prominent in my work, it changed my focus and directed me towards counselling. While working as a special needs teacher, I myself embarked on my own counselling journey to discover more about myself and to deal with the difficulties I was facing. I realised the importance of self-discovery and my role as a counsellor is to support my clients by providing a safe space to explore more about themselves and move towards a path of healing. I believe that everyone has the ability to move in the direction they wish and my role is merely to be a guide.

My approach is focused heavily on understanding thought processes and their effects on our mental well-being. I believe that clients are able to function independently but require strategies to help them. These strategies involve challenging negative thought patterns and creating more appropriate and balanced ways of thinking.

Through self-discovery, my approach explores the root cause for their present pain by reaching into the client’s past and identifying related core beliefs. Pairing this with take home strategies and tasks that the client can conduct themselves in order to help challenge the deep rooted beliefs and learn to manage the challenges they face independently.