Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist Individual

MBBS, MAHE, Manipal
Masters in Internal Medicine, University Malaya, Malaysia

EMDR Basic Training 
EMDR Structural Dissociation and Masterclass

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Individual (CCTSI) - Arizona Trauma Institute, Trauma Institute International

Diploma in Art Therapy - College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy (CECAT), Australia 


I began my career as a doctor with the Ministry of Health. As I worked my way up to becoming a Physician, I found immense joy and fulfillment in actively participating in my patients' healing, conducting medical research, and mentoring and training junior doctors and medical students. Supporting them through the strenuous transition into the profession was particularly rewarding. Connecting with others authentically has been a common thread running through all of these experiences, and it has given me the utmost satisfaction.

In the years I spent working as a medical professional, I encountered many things in both my career and personal life that I couldn't make sense of. To gain an understanding of this dissonance, I took a leap of faith and chose to explore health from a different perspective – understanding the impact of trauma on the body-mind connection. This decision propelled me into a space of uncertainty and discomfort, but it also marked the beginning of my ongoing journey of self-discovery, healing, and reconnecting with my authentic self.

During this journey, I have been fortunate to receive an admirable level of care, safety, and compassion. This support has held me gently while unquestionably changing my life, inspiring me to offer others the same level of care. I am trained in EMDR therapy, Art Therapy and have completed training as a Clinical Trauma Specialist for Individuals.

Trauma can significantly affect our mental health and behaviours, leading to feelings of vulnerability and helplessness. It can make us question ourselves constantly, leaving us with little capacity for rest and even less energy for growth and healing. However, I can help you address these challenges using EMDR therapy. Additionally, for those who struggle with finding the right words to express themselves, art therapy can provide a powerful outlet for expressing thoughts and emotions.

As your therapist, I am committed to empowering you in taking control of your healing journey. We will work as equal partners in the therapy process, with you leading the way and setting the pace. My role is to provide compassionate support and guidance, helping you tap into your innate wisdom and unlock your full potential for recovery and growth.

I have gained a wealth of life experiences and learnings that have given me a deep understanding of common patterns that impact people on their journeys. I strongly believe that we are all born with inherent wisdom that we tend to lose touch with as we grow and conform to societal standards. My wish is to help you reconnect with this wisdom by letting go of beliefs that no longer serve you and embracing your natural curiosity and zest for living authentically as you navigate through life. It would be an honour for me to walk alongside you on your journey.

I'm a mother of two teens who enjoys learning new things, crafting, baking, painting, crocheting, reading, playing video games, and watching movies. I'm also a board member of the Trauma Therapy Association, working to build a supportive community of practitioners using ethical, trauma-informed care to promote healing.

"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship." – Louisa May Alcott