Licensed & Registered Counsellor (KB10356, PA09963)

Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition (California State University Fresno)
Master of Professional Counselling (Monash University, Malaysia)


In my personal journey of healing and becoming (because it is a rich and complex ongoing process), I have found deep value in my own experience seeking therapy. I showed up at a time when I felt lost and believed that something was ‘wrong’ with me. Through therapy, I came to learn so much about myself (including learning that what I thought was ‘wrong’ with me was actually very human of me) and the power of being seen and heard. This is one of the reasons that drew me to be on the other side of the couch. Being human is a messy, intricate, wonderful thing, and there is nothing quite like having a safe space to learn how to embrace that.

Our work in therapy is like tending to a garden - learning the needs of every plant, uprooting old and wilting patches, planting and cultivating new seeds, enjoying the fruits of our labor, letting the seasons do their thing and accepting the countless ups and downs of this entire journey. Every garden is different and it is my belief is that everyone has the ability to become the master of their own garden. My hope is to guide you and act as a gentle mirror through this journey, to help you find the answers within yourself, and to support you through the difficult patches. As a therapist, my primary approach is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which aims to bring clients closer to living a meaningful value-aligned life. I also incorporate techniques from Internal Family Systems, Person-Centered and emotion-focused approaches.

I work with adults and adolescents to navigate through issues such as anxiety, depression, self-discovery/self-worth, complex trauma, emotional abuse, body image issues, relationship concerns, gender and sexual identity, and life transitions (from switching careers to grieving a loss to stepping out of comfort zones to existential crises and everything in between). I also work with elderly persons and couples. I am a queer-affirmative therapist and have received training on working with the transgender population. Another area I am fond of is working with clients who have complex relationships with their parents, especially mother-daughter relationships. My past work and study experiences help me relate to the struggles and issues like burnout, adjusting to life abroad as an international student, academic stress, and difficult work environments. Prior to becoming a therapist, I was working in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources, which is why I also offer career counselling services such as reviewing and reworking resumes/cover letters, interview preparation, salary and offer negotiation.

I value cultivating compassion, warmth, and curiosity in the therapeutic space. I am also a huge advocate of honoring a person’s identity and humanity. Wherever you are on your journey, I will meet you there. And wherever you are headed, I will provide safety, support, and as much space as you need to get from where you are to where you want to be. Outside the therapy room, I enjoy easy hikes, casual gaming, and occasional traveling. I also have a deep love for writing and reading (fiction and non-fiction). I am known to be both a cat and dog person.

‘You are not a before and after story. You don’t need to become one either. You are a whole, complex, multi-layered, undefinable, ever-changing human being. Your humanity doesn’t need to be proved.’ – Lisa Olivera


Fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia, conversational Cantonese