Licensed & Registered Counsellor (KB09464, PA09089)

Master in Counselling (HELP University, Malaysia)
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (Southern New Hampshire University)

Additional Qualifications
-   Externship in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT)
-   Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy Core Skill 1 (EFT Core Skill 1)
-   EMDR Therapy Training Weekend 1 & 2
-   Self-Awareness Supervision Model (Advanced Level)
-   8-Week Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Experiential Programme
-   The Hakomi Approach Quieting The Mind Programme
-   Choice Theory Reality Therapy (CTRT) Basic Intensive training


I believe that everyone is imperfectly unique, and we have the inner strength to face our challenges in life. Each of us will encounter some painful experience at any point in our life whether it was in the past or upcoming. To be adventurous and risk ourselves to face our psychological wounds, is indeed scary and painful. In my growing journey, growth came from getting in touch with my wounds and scars.

There are a lot of labels, "should" or "must" from the society, education, and even family members who instill their values in me. Sometimes I received positive impacts from these outer values, and most often it did not work out and confused me. Thus, “inner-war” is part of my daily routine through my journey in life.

Although the unlearning part and self-exploration were challenging, it has opened up a new lens of how I perceived the inner and outer world. As a result of navigating ways of self-exploration, I am now grateful that I can choose this path to build a safe relationship and walk with you.

During my internship, I worked with a diverse population, from children to elderly, individuals with a variety of distresses, such as inner-self conflicts, self-harm, anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, workplace concerns, self-esteem, anger concerns, loss & grief, relationship, parenting, couples and family conflict issues.

During my leisure time, I enjoy coffee, cakes, baking, crochet & knitting, reading, attending classes and workshops for both personal and professional growth. I have been volunteering in an NGO for 5 years (and still counting), providing counselling service to the community as well as taking part to be a facilitator for various activities such as camp, workshop, and volunteer training programs. I am married and a mother with an outgoing pre-school son.

My philosophy is, “the price of loving so deeply is feeling so deeply— but it’s also a gift, the gift of being alive. If we no longer feel, we should grief on our own death.” by Lori Gottlieb — “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone”.

I believe, the courage of feeling and loving are colors that vibrant my life experience.


English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia (basic).


从小,我就被他人冠上“情绪化”、“戏剧化” 的标签,这样的标签常常让我感觉很困惑。我认为我的这些感受很真实,但是身边的人却有不同的看法,让我认为我拥有这些感受和认知是 “不被接纳的” ,是“不对的”。 小时候的自己不懂得自己是个感受性强的人, 俗称 “高敏感”, 常常因外界让自己的情绪制造了一些大波动,犹如狂风暴雨拍打在心里,掀起高高的情绪浪潮。这样的情景,让小时候的我经常不懂如何面对这些高张力的情绪。 这样的个人经验让我一直对自己的情绪和看法,常常处于困惑中,想从书里寻求笃定的答案,以“解决”我的『情绪问题』。

渐渐地在堆叠如小山的自助书中,我逐渐走出了情绪困境。 也在书海中发现了一丝曙光,知道了什么是心理辅导。带着从小对自己的好奇和疑惑,开始一趟自我了解的冒险旅程。

对于自我了解, 我相信任何关系都从『自我关系』开始。我目前使用的理论主要以 【人本主义 (Carl Roger)】 为主轴, 辅以情绪、身体、正念的技巧来协助来访者认识自己,连结身体与心理。我注重与来访者建立足够安全的关系,以此辅助来访者在内在风暴中,从内而外地发现自己的力量,继续应对这趟人生之旅。



我的座右铭是:“爱得如此深的代价是感受如此之深——但这也是一份礼物,一份活着的礼物。如果我们不再有感觉,我们应该为自己的死而悲伤。”作者 Lori Gottlieb《也许你应该和某人谈谈》。我深信,感受和爱的勇气能使我的生活经历充满活力和色彩 。