Licensed & Registered Counsellor (KB-09181, PA-08796)

Masters in Counselling (HELP University, Malaysia)
Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) (HELP University, Malaysia)


Being vulnerable is never easy. In fact, we need to bring together a lot of courage to get in touch with our experience especially the painful and difficult ones. I understand we all have a “secret garden” in our hearts that we want to hold with care and compassion. So, it is very real and human for us to fear that it will be trampled by discouragement and judgment of others. Therefore, it is my priority to provide a safe space where you could be who you are and share your emotions and thoughts at your own pace during the session.

In this counselling journey, I strive to support you in exploring, identifying, and making sense of your own experience and motivation. By understanding yourself better, you can live a more fulfilling life with the adaptive skills to cope with the life challenges. Besides, I help couples to discover and better communicate their needs in the relationship. This will allow them to manage the conflicts in a healthy manner and create a stronger and more meaningful bond between them.

My therapeutic practice is primarily guided by the humanistic experiential approach with the training in attachment based Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Yet, I’m flexible in adapting to different evidence-based therapeutic interventions to cater to my client’s needs. Professionally, I provide individual counselling, couple counselling, and support group service. My previous work experiences in university, children’s home, mental health clinic, and NGO have provided me the opportunity to work with clients from diverse social backgrounds alongside the life challenges such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, relationship conflicts, infidelity, struggle at work and study, concerns of romantic and sexual identity, among others.

It is no secret that self-discovery can be daunting, therefore I am here to support and guide you along your pathway towards achieving your goals. I firmly believe the process of growth involves many small steps being taken and with enormous courage and resilience. So, take your pace and don’t forget to pat yourself on your back from time to time.

“The only way out is through.” - Robert Frost


Fluent in English and Mandarin, basic in Bahasa


展现自己脆弱的一面从来都不是一件容易的事。我们都需要集聚很大的勇气去触碰我们的经历, 尤其是那些痛苦和艰难的遭遇。我了解每个人心中都有一个想要用尽全力去关怀、疼惜和守护的 “秘密花园” ,我们害怕它会因为别人的批判和打击而遭到破坏,而这些感受都是很真实和合理的 。因此,我首要在乎的是给予一个安全的空间,让你在心理咨询的过程中能够做自己、按照自己 的节奏倾述自己的情绪和想法。

在这个心理咨询之旅中,我会持续地支持你去探索、识别和理解自己的体验和动力来源,通过更 好地了解自己以让你拥有应对生活挑战的适应能力,因而过上更充实和满足的生活。此外,我也 帮助情侣和夫妻察觉并更好地沟通他们在关系中重要的需求。这使他们能够以健康的方式处理冲 突,建立一个更牢固、更有意义的关系。

我的辅导治疗实践主要以人文体验为引导,并接受以依附理论为情绪取向治疗的训练。然而,我 也会灵活地应用不同的心理咨询方式来满足来访者在咨询中的心理需求。在专业上,我提供个人 咨询、情侣和夫妻咨询以及互助小组服务。我在大学、儿童之家、心理健康诊所和非政府组织的 工作经验使我有机会与来自不同社会背景的来访者进行心理咨询的相关工作。他们都面临着不同 的生活挑战,如抑郁、焦虑、孤单、关系冲突、婚姻不忠、工作和学习困扰,对浪漫和性身份认 同的议题等等。

大家都理解探索自我的过程偶尔令人生畏,因此我会在这里支持和引导你朝着实现目标的道路前 进。我坚信成长的过程是许多看似微小却需要巨大勇气和韧性的步伐累积而成的。所以,跟着自 己的步伐前行的同时,也要记得不时地拍拍自己的肩旁,给自己一些安慰。

“唯一的出路就是通过。” —— 罗伯特·弗罗斯特

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