Licensed & Registered Counsellor (KB-09181, PA-08796)

Masters in Counselling (HELP University, Malaysia)
Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) (HELP University, Malaysia)


Being vulnerable is never easy. In fact, we need to take in a lot of courage to get in touch with our experiences, especially the painful and difficult ones. I understand that we all have a “secret garden” in our hearts, a need to be genuinely seen and understood. Thus, it is very real and human for us to fear being trampled over by discouragement and judgment of others. Therefore, I prioritize in providing a safe environment where you can be who you are and share your emotions and thoughts at your own pace.

Professionally, I provide individual, marriage and relationship counselling, as well as support group services. My previous work experiences in universities, children’s homes, mental health clinics, and NGOs have provided me the opportunity to work with clients from diverse social backgrounds with a variety of concerns, such as psychosomatic and emotional disturbances (e.g., depression, anxiety, rage, loneliness), grief and loss, family and romantic relationship conflicts, adverse childhood experiences/complex trauma, work stress-related issues, and gender, sexual & relationship diversity (GSRD) related concerns.

My counselling practice is primarily guided by the humanistic-experiential approach in which I have been trained in attachment-based Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). It allows me to compassionately hold space for my client’s emotional experiences while supporting them to explore, navigate, and make sense of their experiences and motivations. By understanding ourselves better, we are able to connect with our authentic selves and live a fulfilling life that we truly value. Besides, I help relationship partners discover and better communicate their needs in the relationship. Other than supporting them in creating a stronger and more meaningful bond, I strive to aid them in attending to their inner struggles too. These struggles may arise from the relationship's complex issues such as infidelity and other attachment injuries.

Additionally, I have received my professional training in Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy which embraces the body’s innate healing abilities. This rich combination enables me to provide a holistic approach to talk therapy and better support my clients who have gone through overwhelming and traumatic experiences. Yet, I am flexible in adapting to other evidence-based therapeutic interventions such as parts work and mental imagery, based on the client’s needs.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time at cafes for their ambiance and coffee. I like board games and creative arts too. Guided by my passion to serve the deaf community in the future, I am also learning Malaysian sign language (BIM) in my spare time. Currently, I am an active volunteer for an NGO helpline service.

“I firmly believe the process of growth involves many small steps being taken with enormous courage and resilience. So, take your pace, and don’t forget to pat yourself on your back from time to time.”


Fluent in English and Mandarin, basic in Bahasa


分享自己脆弱的经历从来都不是一件容易的事。我们需要建立起很大的勇气去碰触我们的经历,尤其是痛苦和困难的经历。我知道我们心里都有一个“秘密花园”,需要被真正地看到和理解。 因此,我们害怕被他人的打击和评判所践踏,这是非常真实和人性化的。因此,我首要在乎的是给予你一个安全的环境,让你可以做自己并按照自己的节奏倾诉你的情绪和想法。

在专业上,我提供个人、婚姻和关系咨询以及互助团体服务。 我之前在大学、儿童之家、心理健康诊所和非政府组织的工作经验使我有机会与来自不同社会背景的个案一起工作,他们都面临着各式的生活挑战,例如身心和情绪的打扰(例如抑郁、焦虑、愤怒、 孤独)、悲伤和失落、家庭和恋爱关系冲突、童年创伤经历/复杂性创伤、工作压力相关问题以及性别、性和关系多样性(GSRD)相关的困扰。

我的辅导治疗实践主要以人文体验为引导,并接受以依附理论为导向的情绪取向治疗 (EFT) 的培训。 它让我能够富有同理心地陪伴个案的情感体验,同时支持他们探索、导航和理解他们的经历和动机。 通过更好地了解自己,我们能够与真实的自我连接起来,过上我们真正珍视的充实的生活。此外,我帮助伴侣发现并更好地传达他们在关系中的需求。 除了支持他们建立更牢固、更有意义的连接之外,我也帮助他们关注内心的挣扎。 这些内在的斗争可能源于关系中的复杂问题,例如不忠和其他依恋伤害。

另外,我接受了身体创伤疗法 (SE) 以及眼动脱敏再处理 (EMDR) 疗法的专业培训,该疗法包含和运用了身体与生俱来的治愈能力。 这种丰富的组合使我能够提供全面的辅导治疗,并更好地支持经历过淹没性和创伤性经历的个案。 然而,我可以灵活地应用其他循证治疗,以满足个案本身的治疗需求。