Certified Play Therapist

Postgraduate Diploma in Play Therapy, Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy - College of Allied Educators Malaysia
Postgraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills, Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy - College of Allied Educators Malaysia
Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology- College of Allied Educators Malaysia
Bachelor of Science in Home Economics - University of the Philippines


I always believe that in order to see growth and positive changes in one’s life, one has to start from within. When we understand that how we see the world is a reflection of our internal state, it helps us take ownership of our thoughts and emotions and navigate our way through self-acceptance and healing. However, this may seem too far-fetched in times of distress, life struggles and hardships. My work with the children, as a Certified Play Therapist taught me that children are also capable of gaining control of their own self, make choices and learn to set healthy boundaries in their relationships. Using a non – directive approach to support and help equip them with the tools to navigate through life’s circumstances, I create a safe and trusting environment, as we work together in making sense of certain issues they are facing through the power of play. What better way to communicate with them than using their own language of play! I have been very passionate about understanding children’s behavior as childhood experiences play an immense role in shaping one’s character and personality in adulthood.

Many dysfunctional and broken relationships stem out from painful childhood experiences. It has been my intention to offer a non-judgmental space for the children to be who they are, be seen and heard as how they would like to be regardless of how they have been “difficult” and “challenging” to the adults around them. I have worked with children who come from various socio – economic backgrounds. As a volunteer Play Therapist at a non – government organization, I was able to work with children who were abandoned, orphaned, and abused, play out their attachment issues and come to terms with self-acceptance. Currently, I am attached to an international preschool and I see children coming from expatriate and local families from the capacity of play therapist and teacher. I am also currently seeing children with special needs and learning disabilities as we work through reaching the best they can be in a very conducive environment of play therapy. It is such an honor to be able to work with these little ones and watch them shift towards empowerment.