May 16, 2024
teen therapy

Parents’ Role in Teen Therapy

Seeking therapy, especially for adolescents, can be a pivotal step towards mental and emotional well-being. Sometimes it’s the teen who asks for therapy and the request […]
May 9, 2024

Why Therapists Charge Cancellation Fees and How to Navigate Discomfort

Have you ever wondered why therapists charge cancellation fees? Perhaps you have been charged a cancellation fee before and have questioned its purpose or felt unhappy […]
May 2, 2024

What It Takes for Therapy to Work

We have talked about why therapy might not work, but today I wanted to also share what it takes for therapy to work. While it may […]
April 25, 2024

What to Know About Couples Counselling

At ABRI, we get a lot of inquiries for couples counselling so we think it would be good to share an educational piece on what couples […]
April 18, 2024

What is Mind-Body Connection?

You know what’s easier to overlook than self-care? The intricate link between our minds and bodies. There is no better place to understand and nurture this […]
April 11, 2024

What to Do After and In-Between Therapy Sessions

Your therapist wants you to know that whether you’re considering therapy or already immersed in the process, understanding what happens after and in-between therapy sessions is […]
April 4, 2024

How to Tell Your Therapist About Something Uncomfortable

Who else has held back from bringing up certain things in therapy and feels like they will never be able to talk about it even though […]
March 28, 2024

The Power of Silence in Therapy

The power of silence is often an underestimated and misunderstood phenomenon. I am sure that for many of us, the thought of sitting in a room […]
March 21, 2024

A Guide to Managing Panic Attacks

What causes panic attacks? There is no definite known cause though stress, genetics, and life experiences are said to influence the likelihood of experiencing them, and […]