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March 16, 2022
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April 18, 2022


It’s surely no surprise to you that exercise is good for our physical and mental health.

Our body produces endorphins, which are natural painkillers when we exercise. Endorphines provide us a happy feeling, assist in muscular relaxation and release tension in our body.

Even if we are aware of the benefits, we still find it difficult to begin as exercise is a behavior that requires more response effort, which means more energy and effort is needed in order to complete the behavior. Therefore, we should start slowly. Consider types of exercise you would enjoy or something as easy as going for a brisk walk. If you need some inspiration to jump-start, feel free to visit our social media for ideas. Making the commitment to exercise on a regular basis is an accomplishment itself. Set some goals and be your own cheerleader, celebrate the milestones that you achieved. Stay committed and each exercise session we did will eventually improve the mood.

Let exercise be your stress reliever and source happiness of happiness~

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