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December 3, 2021
Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday
December 9, 2021

The sun will rise and so will we

Do you ever have the thought of “What do I need to do today?” or “Why am I doing nothing?” while you are resting or having your day off?

Society is always seeking out things that are useful, and that’s good too. However, we also require time to find stability in our own minds and that time is significant for everyone. People might think that doing things that do not help you in life is a waste of time, or maybe you may also think that watching dramas or playing video games isn’t a good way to relax and recharge, therefore feeling guilty that you are ‘wasting’ time.

But that is not the truth, we should let go of the obsessive and negative thoughts and replace them with realistic affirmations such as “I only have enough time to do these few things and I will put all my energy into it to do it to the best of my ability” or “I am spending time to heal and nourish myself”. Remember that your worth doesn’t depend on your productivity; taking time to rest and refresh yourself isn’t time wasted.

Make time for yourself, you are important.

Rachel Khor
Admin Intern


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