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October 13, 2021
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November 2, 2021

We Rise Every Time We Fall

Failure appears to be a taboo subject in polite conversation, but I disagree. Failure itself can be an art project that has taken a mind of its own. It can be chaotic or amazing. Rather than finding a rationalization of your failure and avoiding it, we should embrace it with open arms and transform it into a lesson.

Most us of blame ourselves and start interpreting self-disparage when we get rejected.

We must learn how to take such setbacks in stride, and move forward. Defeated hopes offer you the opportunity to recalibrate – to reload – to rethink why and how something didn’t turn out as we’d anticipated. Each miss is calculated not in terms of failure but in progress!


Making mistakes simply paves the way for later successes.

Kedyn Pang
Admin Intern

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