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July 10, 2020
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July 21, 2020

The “TUG OF WAR” Inside Me is back again!

The “TUG OF WAR” Inside Me is back again! This on-going interactive talks, which is at no cost, is offered by our director, Sudha Kudva! Do attend if you are interested.
The upcoming talk will be held on this Sunday, 19th June at 11am-12:30pm. Do refer to more dates on the poster.
Join us at Zoom:
Meeting ID: 954 5381 0713
Password: 627303
Want to know about the talk? A little description about the talk:
THIS HUMAN BODY – needs connection, needs a routine for its physical healing, health, growth, creativity, and so on.
We are NOW offering it the opposite – physical distancing, and the routine, certainty has gone to the wind, not knowing when it will ever come back, and if so, in what form? What then, is the state of this BODY?
The BODY’s experience is one of ‘restraint,’ and the BODY could be reacting to this. How does the impact of this restraint become visible?
We might observe ourselves behaving differently than we intended! Our capacity to regulate is less. This could take a toll on the connection we have with the loved ones at home!
o Once we humans consciously understand the mechanics of this BODY,
o we can then recognise when the BODY is slipping into states of ‘distress,’
o we can support this physiological BODY state by offering it safety and connection
o Consequence – this human body can weather gracefully this period of physical distancing, isolation and lack of routine.
Over the remaining Sundays, please do make the time to be part of our very interactive 75-90 minute talks and find ways to understand ourselves better and keep our bodies in good physical health.

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