Coming to Terms with Terminal Illness and Palliative Care
November 8, 2019
embrace yourself for who you are.
December 13, 2019

Importance of talking to someone (who is more than willing to listen) about your issues!

‘No Man is an Island’ – John Donne

We live in a world where we are expected to deal with our problems, but that does not mean we have to do it alone. It can be really hard to share with others what you’re going through, especially if we grew up in an environment where we are not supposed to discuss our internal issues. Perhaps there is this sense of worry that others might think you’re overreacting, that your feelings are ‘wrong’ or that they’ll perceive you as weak. Truth is, whatever that is going inside of you right now is valid and worth talking about. These experiences are real to you.

Keeping things internally or avoiding it could potentially build pent-up feelings which could one day be expressed in an unhealthy way. Even more so, it may be the very obstacle that is hindering you from moving towards the direction of mitigating the problem.

Talking to someone can help:
– Build self-awareness and understanding of self
– Process thoughts and emotions to move towards positive changes
– Cultivate your own strengths and resilience
– See the situation more clearly and perhaps from a different perspective
– Make you feel more empowered and more in control of your life

If you have a trusted and supportive social system, choose to speak out and let yourself be heard. Talking about your problems with a third party such as a mental health professional from outside the situation is ideal because they are trained to be objective and have no judgements. This is what we, as mental health professionals, do here at ABRI Integrated Mental Health.

Feel free to reach out by calling or drop us a Whatsapp message to make an appointment at +60127111693.

It’s time we take active steps to take care of our mental health!


Written by: Zen, Intern Counsellor

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