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July 13, 2019
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July 24, 2019

The Benefits of Therapy

“Before I started interning at ABRI, I had never experienced counselling or therapy. I went into my first counselling session feeling confused and uncertain. I wasn’t sure about what I should talk about or if my therapist’s personality would suit mine. My life seemed fine, I wasn’t struggling with anything major and I was coping with my studies rather well. However, throughout therapy I found myself talking about things I had never knew I had an issue with. I emerged from therapy feeling more confident, reassured and I learnt a great deal about myself as well. Not only did I get to finally experience what it feels like to go through therapy, I learnt a great deal about what it takes to be a therapist, which is something I appreciate as I too will be entering the field in a matter of time.

Therapy can help everyone- despite the fact if you are struggling or not. If you are in the mental health or helping profession, I believe therapy is necessary. Often, we forget that we too need help- that we are human too, in our strive to help others. Therapy helped me in indescribable ways and I cannot recommend it enough.” – Abigail, ABRI Mental Health Intern

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours, Abigail!

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