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April 12, 2019
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Communication: The Bridge to a Healthy Relationship

    Earlier this week, the Hong Kong entertainment industry was shaken by the scandal of one of their male artists who was seen acting inappropriately with another woman. Upon hearing the news, the wife of the male artist, who herself is a singer, came out with a press statement that touched the hearts of many fans and netizens.

   “Embracing each other’s mistakes“ and “mutual forgiveness” is essential in a healthy relationship apart from giving each other the “feeling of happiness and warmth”. She has announced that she has already forgiven her husband and takes this incident as “a lesson in their relationship”. The wife has shown plenty of emotional maturity when faced with situations that threaten to put a strain to the relationship between her and her husband. Perhaps behind the flurry of paparazzi and newscasters, the both of them have taken the time to talk about the issue up front instead of sweeping it under the carpet.

    Open communication is essential in finding the right balance for a healthy relationship. Speaking up and discussing problems with your partner is a healthy way to resolve conflicts while maintaining mutual respect for each other. Avoiding and putting off talking about the issue is like a ticking time bomb that will put even more strain on the relationship. Talking to a therapist can also help if the issue at hand requires a third person perspective and input.

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