Childhood Matters for Grown Ups (30 Aug – 2 Sept) Workshop
August 21, 2018
Millenial Burnout: Are We Just “Snowflakes”?
April 4, 2019

Free Intern Counselling Services!

ABRI is offering FREE THERAPY services with our qualified and supervised Masters-level interns in Counselling!!
Jackie and Jing Rong are both students from the Masters in Counselling program in HELP University.
We at ABRI believe that as our personal needs differ, all segments of society should be able to have access to ethical, professional, and quality mental health services. Let’s work together in saving lives!
PLEASE HELP US LIKE AND SHARE to those in need for this FREE THERAPY service! Our phone lines are open today! 012-7111693 for calls, texts, and WhatsApp.

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